Kraftwerk Check Emails While Performing?!

Well, many people had their suspicions about how responsible the four members of Kraftwerk circa 2015 actually are for the beautifully produced sound that accompanies the lush 3D graphics of their undoubtedly impressive live shows.

And now, the Cologne-based magazine Faze asks the same question, with video evidence of one members scrolling through a document as the band plays.

Whatever we think about the automation of live performance these days, the video reveals exactly what each member of the band is seeing and doing as they steer the Kraftwerk machine down the autobahn, and that’s fascinating in itself. There are lots of brightly coloured lights and screens recessed into their future-lecturns, and, of course, several iPads.

Still, at least he wasn’t playing Candy Crush.

Here’s a translation of the original article:

Kraftwerk Leak?

Kraftwerk and their live tour “3D – The Catalogue“ in January 2015 are on the road at the moment, first in Berlin and after that in Amsterdam before continuing in February to Denmark’s Copenhagen. The electro-pioneers are on everyone’s minds and a popular Facebook subject.

Posts are usually either boasting about being there, or moaning about not being able to be there. A few commented by saying “Oh no, how boring, no one needs this anymore today.”


It seems that the band themselves might be bored by their performance, at least on their January 22nd Amsterdam show. On a video of the show uploaded to YouTube, it looks like one member is is probably surfing the internet or checking his emails (5:29 and 6:50). “We do that too,” some DJs might respond, while playing their records, but from the most important German music group who has released nearly nothing new in the last 20 ears, one might expect a bit more commitment during their performance, or is this too much to ask with ticket prices from €50-75?

It would be interesting to hear what Florian Schneider would think of his replacement surfing the internet while performing…

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  1. I wouldn’t want to be this guy on the tour bus after the rest of the band sees this!
    In all seriousness, it appears 90% of this song is pre-programmed (some of the ‘boing boom cha’ hits don’t match up with the musician’s fingers on his keyboard station).
    Perhaps Kraftwerk could do more of the ad-lib solo work, like they did in the end? That was the best part, and showcases musicianship, not programming.
    As a musician, it’s hard to find that balance between what should be pre-programmed, and what should be live. I’d prefer to see a bit more ‘live’ work here.
    Lesson learned for the next tour stop anyway!

  2. It’s the video guy. he’s the one on the right and he doesn’t play any of the music. So I guess he has the spare time once he hits the the play button…

  3. Huh. A band that has spent the last 40 years trying to convince us their music is actually made by robots, happens to have non-interactive humans onstage. Quelle surprise.

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