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Various Artists
Tone Science Module No.3: Cosines And Tangents


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There’s a whole host of talent to be found on this latest edition of Ian Boddy’s ‘Tone Science’ series, which began as an outlet for artists and performers in the field of modular synthesis. It features artists from different musical backgrounds who all share one common thread – modular synthesis composition. The opening arpeggiations of Robert Rich’s ‘Cyclosporum’ kick-start the eight-track album, followed by the sci-fi inflected whirs and bright synths of Caspar Hesselager’s ‘The Divided Apparatus’. Other highlights include the bouncy minimalism of Benge’s ‘Round #2’ and the bleepy oscillating triumph of d’Voxx’s ‘Angel’. Another show-stopping compilation in the Tone Science series and one that gets better with every listen.