The Radiophonic Workshop – ‘Fourth Dimension’ white vinyl LP


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First released on BBC Records in 1973, ‘Fourth Dimension’ showcases the television and radio theme tunes created by Paddy Kingsland during his early years at The Radiophonic Workshop. The main synths featured on these recordings are the VCS 3 and the so-called “Delaware” Synthi 100, which was specially adapted by EMS to the BBC’s specifications, with a rock-style session band providing the backing. The 12 tracks include ‘Reg’, which was issued as the B-side of the single release of the ‘Doctor Who’ theme in 1973, and the signature tune to ‘Kaleidoscope’, the long-running Radio 4 arts programme.

This 2020 reissue of ‘Fourth Dimension’ on Silva Screen is a limited edition pressing on white vinyl, with just 350 copies available in the UK.