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The Neo-Berlin School
CD Album curated by Tangerine Dream’s Ulrich Schnauss

Our 14-track ‘The Neo-Berlin School’ CD highlights the influential ripples of Tangerine Dream and Edgar Froese. An exclusive compilation that brings together a raft of artists whose music carries the unmistakable influence of Berlin’s original electronic trailblazers.

1. Mahogany ‘Panzerkrieg’
2. Tangerine Dream ‘Huckabee’s Dream’
3. S U R V I V E ‘Deserted Skies’
4. René Splinter ‘Instant Memory’
5. Cosmic Ground ‘Altair (Edit)’
6. Chris Carter ‘Modularity (Edit)’
7. AEM ‘From The Start’
8. Carl Matthews ‘Deva Loca’
9. Steve Moore ‘Protomorphosis’
10. Broadcast Of Variants ‘Wetrax’
11. Steve Hauschildt ‘Strands’
12. Bertrand Loreau ‘Rencontre ManquÉe’
13. Nightbirds ‘Theory of Relativity’
14. Ulrich Schnauss ‘Improvisation 1’