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Man & Machine
CD Album inspired by Kraftwerk’s ‘The Man-Machine’

Our 13-track ‘Man & Machine’ CD features songs influenced by Kraftwerk’s iconic and influential ‘The Man-Machine’. Featuring Devo’s bootlegged ‘Mechanical Man’, Chris Carter’s cover of ‘Numbers’ (recorded exclusively for Electronic Sound) and a live version of Meat Beat Manifesto’s ‘I Am Electro’, you need to snap this one up before it sells out.

1. Devo ‘Mechanical Man’
2. Die Alten Maschinen (With Gerald V Casale Of Devo) ‘To Be Or Not’
3. Meat Beat Manifesto ‘I Am Electro (Version Live)’
4. John Foxx And Louis Gordon ‘She Robot’
5. Chris Carter ‘The Man-Machine’
6. In Aeternam Vale ‘Machine À Laver’
7. Transcendental Love Machine ‘Dub Machine (Mutalis Mutandis Mix)’
8. Cavern Of Anti-Matter ‘Blood-Drums Machine’
9. Metamatics ‘Dope For The Robot’
10. Hounds Of Hulme ‘Rise Of The Dead Robots’
11. Omnivore ‘Robovore’
12. Hyperbubble ‘Bionic Girl’
13. Rodney Cromwell ‘Baby Robot’

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