Subscriber Only | Cabaret Voltaire – ‘Vasto’ / ‘The Power (Of Their Knowledge)’ Seven-inch Single

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We are marking the return of Cabaret Voltaire in the November issue of Electronic Sound. We have an in-depth interview with Richard H Kirk about ‘Shadow Of Fear’, the first Cabs album for 26 years, and an overvew of the countless pseudonyms Kirk has used over the decades.

To accompany this issue, we have a truly superb Cabaret Voltaire seven-inch. The record is pressed on purple vinyl and features Daniel Miller edits of two tracks from the ‘Shadow Of Fear’ album, ‘Vasto’ and ‘The Power (Of Their Knowledge)’. Both are prime Cabs cuts – dark, gritty, abrasive and remorseless. Kirk named ‘Vasto’ after a town on the Italian coast, but he’s quick to point out that “it’s not exactly a seaside song”, while ‘The Power (Of Their Knowledge)’ builds on the unsettling line, “You start with nothing and you end with nothing”. Kirk says the track is “about the shadow of death, which is something that is looming over us all nowadays”.

As with all of our seven-inch releases, this record is strictly limited and exclusive to readers of Electronic Sound, so make sure you grab your copy while you can.