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Dudley•Jeczalik•Langan reboot Art Of Noise

Seven Inch Single

The first track on our exclusive seven-inch, ‘Instruments Of Darkness’, originally appeared on the second Art Of Noise album, ‘In Visible Silence’, released in 1986. This version was recorded live in Tokyo in September 2017 and opened the shows that Anne Dudley, JJ Jeczalik and Gary Langan – the original members of Art Of Noise – undertook to commemorate the 30th anniversary reboot of ‘In Visible Silence’. For the new version, the voice of Donald Trump was mixed into the track. 

The second track on our single is a suite of Art Of Noise tracks, including ‘Il Pleure (At The Turn Of The Century)’ from ‘The Seduction Of Claude Debussy’ and ‘Robinson Crusoe’ from ‘Below The Waste’. This was also recorded in Japan last September. Acting as a sort of mini Art Of Noise ‘Best Of’, it includes a poignant piano solo from Anne Dudley. Incidentally, ‘Robinson Crusoe’ was the band’s biggest hit in Japan.

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