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The Heartwood Institute
Tomorrow’s People
Polytechnic Youth
Limited edition of 300, sleeve printed inside and out

The Heartwood Institute mine the dark underbelly of the electronic psychedelic experience of Britain in the 1970s. Their hauntronica recalls a time when the hippy dream of the 60s had curdled into that peculiar era when black magic and witchcraft was in vogue. The Heartwood Institute is built where Radiophonica meets The Wicker Man. Once inside, you’ll be enveloped by a haze of oscillator fizzes and uncanny folksy weirdness as provoked by the kind of mushroom experience seen in the film ‘Performance’.


Detox Twins
Dead Horse Ghost
Polytechnic Youth
Limited Edition of 500, pink/black vinyl

The debut long-player by Neukölln-based girl/boy synth outfit Detox Twins Mark Vorderhaus (“music & modulations”) and Devi von Teufel (“vocals & potions”) is a slice of dirty lo-fi electronica in the tradition of a 1979 Berlin squat with a mattress, two synths and drum machine. This is cold war minimal wave done right by self-described “nihilist-existentialists”. Our review places it in the contender for ES Album of the Year category. It’s that good.