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Double CD Deluxe set

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‘Electronic Calendar: The EMS Tapes’ is a lavish double CD set featuring more than 20 pieces by EMS founder Peter Zinovieff. The package includes a 64-page booklet containing extensive liner notes and exclusive photos, plus extracts from Zinovieff’s own diaries and writings.

The work was produced by Zinovieff at his studio in Putney in the 1960s and early 1970s and is an essential addition to every early electronic music fan’s archive. The first CD consists of collaborations with British composer Harrison Birtwistle and the German composer and Marxist Hans Werner Henze, while the second disc mainly features solo compositions.

As a record of the pioneering days of electronic music and computer control, ‘Electronic Calendar’ is captivating, strange and evocative of a period of intense experimentation and boundless possibilities.

The full track listing is:

Disc 1
01.  ‘Chronometer ’71’  (with Harrison Birtwistle)
02.  ‘Birthday Song’  (with Harrison Birtwistle)
03.  ‘Four Interludes From A Tragedy’  (with Harrison Birtwistle)
04.  Glass Music  (with Hans Werner Henze)
05.  ‘Tristan (Short Section)’  (with Hans Werner Henze)
06.  ‘China Music’  (with Hans Werner Henze)
07.  ‘Tristan (Long Section)’  (with Hans Werner Henze)
Disc 2
01.  ‘Agnus Dei’
02.  ‘Zasp Parts 1 to 3’ (with Alan Sutcliffe)
03.  ‘Un Known 1’
04.  ‘Tarantella’
05.  ‘Un Named 1’
06.  ‘January Tensions’
07.  ‘June Rose’
08.  ‘Un Named 2’
09.  ‘A Lollipop For Papa’
10.  ‘M Piriform’ (with Justin Connolly)
11.  ‘March Probabalistic’
12.  ‘Un Named 3’
13.  ‘Raasay Digitised’
14.  ‘Now’s The Time To Say Goodbye’