Oxykitten – ‘Attack Of The Koala People’ (Polytechnic Youth clear vinyl LP)


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Analogue synth strangeness from Canada courtesy of Toronto musician Justin Case (which is his real name, obviously). ‘Attack Of The Koala People’ is a limited edition clear vinyl pressing on the ever-reliable Polytechnic Youth label and follows a raft of cassette-only releases by the mysterious Mr Case, who describes his shizzle as “the magic of love described by a cheap robot”. As you might imagine with track titles like ‘Sex Allowance Syndicate’, ’Toad Prince’ and ‘Space Biscuit’, this is playful stuff. Think Plone, but with extra bells, whistles and ringtones. Case himself meanwhile summarises the album thus: “We have a mission to kill the wasp queen and everyone’s on board, no matter of life or limb, rainshine or sundown. Though we keep stopping at these delightful little fruit stands along the away for, after all, it is a nice morning. Honestly, we could probably kill her tomorrow, no? Right? It’s so pleasant here and wasps are not really known for picking up hives and moving overnight. Should we get some more fruit? Fuck it. MEN! Disembark, roll out the hammocks, maneuvers [sic] have been cancelled or whatever for the day. Well maybe tomorrow too. Let’s deal with it tomorrow! Today we bask in the glory of this beautiful, pink and blue, great big motherfucking day.”