Nigel Mullaney – ’31 Days’ (DiN CD)

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Nigel Mullaney has been a member of the DiN family for many years, collaborating with DiN owner Ian Boddy under the name Dub Atomica way back in 2008, but ’31 Days’ is his first solo album for the label. The album started out as a musical challenge Mullaney set himself to compose a track a day throughout January 2018. The result was more than four hours of music recorded both in the studio and on the road, using a range of portable modular synthesisers as well as a selection of analogue keyboards and vintage outboard gear, which Boddy has curated into a track list that represents a 70-minute cross section of Mullaney’s month-long musical odyssey. As with DiN’s ‘iNDEX’ sampler albums, the music ebbs and flows from gloriously cinematic orchestral textures through to wonderfully rhythmic drum and sequencer tracks laced with cutting edge sound design and first class production values.