Metamatics – ‘Midnight Sun Pig’ double LP on pink vinyl


Midnight Sun Pig
Double LP on pink vinyl
Gatefold sleeve

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‘Midnight Sun Pig’ was first released by the now defunct Swedish imprint Dot in 2000. When the London label Hydrogen Dukebox picked the album up for the UK, it was given the alternative title ‘Mind Mushing Git’ and agitated black and white artwork.

Twenty years later, this landmark record from Lee Norris has been reissued with a calm new sleeve on pink vinyl. But it’s still on the razor edge of beauty and madness, its carefully curated electronics arranged across skittish beats. Squelching synths, filigree machine rhythms and ambient swathes of colour suggest minimal electronica and experimental weirdness, as on the epic ‘Mops’, which gets stuck into its percussive workout like a Y2K take on Kraftwerk’s ‘Metal On Metal’.