John Foxx ‘Underpass’ Seven-Inch Single | Sold Out


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John Foxx’s ‘Underpass’ red vinyl seven-inch reissue

This month’s exclusive music release is a red vinyl seven-inch reissue of John Foxx’s classic ‘Underpass’, his debut single from 1980. It comes complete with the original B-side, ‘Film One’, and an updated sleeve. The single was released in January 1980 and gave Foxx a UK Top 40 hit. It also prepared the way for Foxx’s  ‘Metamatic’ album, which came out just a week later and cracked the Top 20.

But ‘Underpass’ was much more than a hit single. In its minimalist grooves, it was the ultimate statement of a truly dark wave of electronic music. It sounded less like a pop record and more like a howl of wind sweeping through the concrete architecture of any one of England’s inner cities.

This red vinyl reissue is available only with Issue 48 of Electronic Sound.