John Foxx And The Maths – ‘Howl’ / ‘Last Time I Saw You’


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This month’s single leads with an edit of ‘Howl’, the title track of the forthcoming new John Foxx And The Maths album. It sums up the despair of the age we’re living through, and delivers an existential soul-wrenching response to it. Robin Simon’s guitar literally howls and screams over a swaggering electronic beat, while a veritable armoury of electronic noise burbles and marches on relentlessly.

On the other side of our single, ‘Last Time I Saw You’ describes an encounter with a toxic presence, a man from the narrator’s past perhaps, with the face of a shadow, who seems to emanate the “sound of a hive”. This is someone with “air force shoes” who owns diamond mines, a man with interests in the new buildings sprouting up in London, controlling the cranes. “X-ray footsteps” follow him, “from Shoreditch back up to King’s Road”.