John Foxx And The Maths – ‘Howl’ / ‘Last Time I Saw You’


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This month’s single leads with an edit of the title track, ‘Howl’. It sums up the despair of the age we’re living through, and delivers an existential soul-wrenching response to it. Robin Simon’s guitar literally howls and screams over a swaggering electronic beat, while a veritable armoury of electronic noise burbles and marches on relentlessly.

On the other side of our single, ‘Last Time I Saw You’ describes an encounter with a toxic presence, a man from the narrator’s past perhaps, with the face of a shadow, who seems to emanate the “sound of a hive”. This is someone with “air force shoes” who owns diamond mines, a man with interests in the new buildings sprouting up in London, controlling the cranes. “X-ray footsteps” follow him, “from Shoreditch back up to King’s Road”.