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He grew up in Sheffield with Cabaret Voltaire and The Human League ringing in his ears. He started out signed to a Warp offshoot label. He’s made videos for Aphex Twin and Nightmares On Wax. And now, with a brilliant debut album from his new project JARV IS…, the electronic evolution of Jarvis Cocker is complete. Which is why we’re delighted to have him on the cover of this month’s Electronic Sound. And in his best corduroy trousers and cuban heels too.


Jarvis Cocker may not seem an obvious choice of cover star for us, but once you hear the debut JARV IS… album, ‘Beyond The Pale’, with its smart synths and a passing nod to krautrock on many of the tracks, the significance of his Sheffield heritage is clear. He’s still heavily involved in the city’s vibrant music scene, working closely with bands such as I Monster. Making his return to the recording studio for the first time in three years, ‘Beyond The Pale’ – and the route he’s taken to achieving it – places Cocker well and truly in our world. A brother in all things electronic, as you will soon discover.


Elsewhere this issue, we interview Soulwax about their new Synthi 100 album and spend a pleasant afternoon in the always entertaining company of Luke Vibert. We speak to Polly Scattergood on her recent return to the UK after a year on Fuerteventura and meet French tape music legend Beatriz Ferreyra. We also get the lowdown on the making of The Beloved’s classic crossover album ‘Happiness’. Look closely and you will also find Stephen Mallinder, Richard Norris, Black Devil Disco Club and Polypores. Oh, and Andrew Berry, the man responsible for the so-called Factory Haircut. Talking of haircuts, have you managed to get yourself sorted yet?