Issue 66 & Vinyl Bundle


Print magazine and vinyl single

210 x 280 mm / 100 page / soft touch cover

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Issue 66 Magazine & Vinyl Bundle 

This month’s Electronic Sound cover star is Suzanne Ciani, whose pioneering work with the Buchla set her apart from the other early American synthesiser legends. We have a lengthy and fascinating interview with Ciani inside the magazine, detailing a rollercoaster career that began when she became a regular visitor to the San Francisco Tape Music Center in the late 1960s, paying $5 an hour to play with the synths housed at the facility.

Ciani’s Buchla system, which she built up over several years in the 1970s, was her bread and butter for the whole of that decade and beyond. In 1974, she hauled it from the US West Coast to New York. She didn’t bother packing any of her other belongings when she relocated, just her Buchla. And when it broke down and part of it was stolen, part of her went missing too. That she was able to repair both her machine and herself, going on to secure a string of Grammy nominations, is a testament to the strength of her character.

Elsewhere this month, we pay tribute to Florian Schneider, the sonic perfectionist at the heart of Kraftwerk for 40 years, who sadly died in April. Daniel Miller, Martyn Ware, John Foxx and Andy McCluskey are among those sharing their memories of the great man. We also take a trip through four decades of Blancmange with Neil Arthur, who gives us the lowdown on some of the kit the band used in their early days, while our other interviews include Sonic Boom, Irmin Schmidt, Nightmares On Wax, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, LA Priest and Ian Boddy. Now that’s what’s known as bumper packed!

To accompany the issue, we have a green vinyl seven-inch featuring two Suzanne Ciani tracks recorded live at Festival Antigel in Switzerland at the beginning of this year. Both ‘Chase’ and ‘Jungle’, are prime examples of Ciani’s amazing Buchla work and neither of these tracks will be available on vinyl or CD format elsewhere.

“The world I’m in is interactive,” declares Ciani. “Live modular performance with a Buchla. Don Buchla’s vision for the 200 – which was what I played in the 70s and now I have a 200e – was specifically for performance and that’s a special sub-category. The sequences I used in the 70s are the same ones I am using now, although they sound nothing alike because this is raw material. The sequencer is marching ahead, putting out those notes.”

As with all of our seven-inch releases, this record is strictly limited and exclusive to readers of Electronic Sound, so make sure you grab your copy while you can.