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210 x 280 mm / 100 page / soft touch cover

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Issue 59 Magazine & Vinyl Bundle 

We are celebrating the life and work of Delia Derbyshire in the latest issue of Electronic Sound. It’s Delia Derbyshire Day this month, with events taking place in Manchester and in London (on 23 and 30 November), and our cover story brings together three superb articles about the Radiophonic Workshop legend.

As well as contributions from Delia’s former Radiophonic colleagues Dick Mills and Roger Limb, we have a fascinating piece written by Dr David Butler from Manchester University, who has access to her personal archives. We also talk to David Vorhaus, who partnered Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson in the original line-up of the hugely influential White Noise. “She did have a reputation for being difficult to work with,” says Vorhaus. “But she was very sensitive to being patronised. She didn’t get any of that crap from me.”

Elsewhere this month, we chat to former Sonic Youth star Kim Gordon about her debut solo album (what kept her, right?) and join Steve Davis (yes, that Steve Davis) with his Utopia Strong bandmates. We also take a guided tour of the new Moogseum in Asheville, North Carolina, Dr Moog’s home in his later years, and interview Josh Wink, Little Boots, Dave Clarkson and William Doyle. Then there’s our bumper reviews section and our usual round-up of the latest gear, gadgets, books and much more. That’s the full electronic gamut run, we hope you’ll agree.

Limited Edition Seven-Inch Singe: ‘Doctor Who’ on yellow vinyl

We have a very special seven-inch to accompany this issue – a limited edition pressing of the original ‘Doctor Who’ BBC TV theme tune on yellow vinyl. Created by Delia Derbyshire in 1963, the ‘Doctor Who’ theme is unquestionably one of the most famous and most important pieces of electronic music of all time. We have a great track on the flip side too, ‘Strange Lines And Distances’, which has been compiled from elements of Delia’s post-Radiophonic work and features Matt Berry reading from Francis Bacon’s utopian future fiction ‘New Atlantis’:

“We also have sound houses, where we practice and demonstrate all sounds and their generation…”