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210 x 280 mm / 100 page / soft touch cover

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Issue 56 Magazine & Vinyl Bundle 

We have a superb issue for you this month. And that’s not only because we have an exclusive interview with Kraftwerk main man Ralf Hütter, although since Hütter rarely talks to the press that is clearly something a bit special.

Our cover feature details the history of EMS, the legendary UK synthesiser company founded by Peter Zinovieff, Tristram Cary and David Cockerell in 1969. What started out as a vehicle to fund Zinovieff’s studio became a decade-long adventure in synthesis with a very British sense of innovation about it. EMS machines like the VCS 3 and the Synthi AKS were responsible for some of the best known electronic music of the 1970s – from the Radiophonic Workshop to Brian Eno to Pink Floyd.

We also have a weighty report on the recent Bluedot Festival, featuring Kraftwerk, New Order, Jon Hopkins, John Grant and more. Our interview with Ralf Hütter took place backstage after the Kraftwerk set, with Hütter radiating urbane charm and wry humour as he chatted about music and science and sampling and cycling. “We are not a museum, so let’s play what we do,” he declares. “My art is music.”

Other interviews this issue include Haiku Salut, Eric Random, Jah Wobble & Bill LaswellParanoid London, Rolo McGinty from The Woodentops. Plus, of course, we have our packed front section, our ace regular columnists, and our usual exotic feast of new album reviews. Hit the link to order your copy straight away!

The Radiophonic Workshop featuring Delia Derbyshire

Seven Inch Single

This month, we have a limited edition seven-inch featuring two Radiophonic Workshop tracks, both of which are making their vinyl debut. On one side is ‘Strange Beacons’, which explores the classic Radiophonic dystopian themes of detachment and remoteness. One of the drone sequences here is from unused tapes discovered in Delia Derbyshire’s attic after her death. On the other side is ‘Mind The Gap’, co-created by Workshop veteran Dick Mills and long-time associates Kieron Pepper and Bob Earland, which takes us on a trip on London’s Underground. Both are essential, so make sure you don’t miss out.