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Print magazine and white vinyl

210 x 280 mm / 100 page / soft touch cover

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Issue 55 Magazine & White Vinyl Bundle 

We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the First Moon Landing with this month’s Electronic Sound. We also have an exclusive white vinyl Hannah Peel seven-inch to accompany the issue.

Inside the magazine, we have an in-depth interview with Hannah Peel about her keen interest in space exploration, as evidenced on her amazing ‘Mary Casio’ album, and we talk to Clint Mansell about his memorable soundtrack to ‘Moon’, the 2009 Duncan Jones film. Author Andrew Smith meanwhile reveals the musical backdrop to his best-selling book ‘Moondust’ and explains how the Apollo missions and the counter-culture of the 1960s were flip sides of the same coin.

We have lots of other great interviews elsewhere in this issue, including DiN Records boss Ian Boddy, hotly tipped Manchester band WH Lung, and Dutch vintage kit freaks The Analogues. We mustn’t forget to mention The Orb and Martin Rev and Clark too, as well as Brian Dougans of Future Sound Of London and Humanoid fame, and we also give you the lowdown on The Delaware Road, a unique festival taking place next month at an abandoned military base on Salisbury Plain.

And if all of that’s not enough for you, how about our packed front section, our ace regular columnists, and our usual exotic feast of new album reviews? We’re talking top quality electronic goodness here!

Limited Edition White Vinyl Seven-Inch Single: Hannah Peel’s ‘The Moon Is There In All Its Splendour’

We have a superb record to accompany this issue of Electronic Sound – ‘The Moon Is There In All Its Splendour’, an exclusive lunar white vinyl seven-inch by Hannah Peel. This two-part piece has been specially commissioned by the magazine and includes samples from the radio transmissions between Apollo 11 and NASA ground control. As always with our mag+music bundles, numbers are strictly limited, so be sure to grab your copy right away!