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Issue 53 Magazine & Vinyl Bundle

This month’s lead feature focuses on the vibrant underground music scene of 1980s Berlin, beginning with David Bowie‘s ‘Lodger’ album, the final part of his Berlin Trilogy, and ending with the fall of the Berlin Wall in the last days of the decade.

It’s the story of a city on the edge, a place where the music fused electronics, post-punk angst and industrial power drills, where most of the artists were drugged up way beyond their eyeballs, and where everybody lived in fear that the Cold War was going to turn nuclear red hot at any moment. Our witness accounts come from Mania D and Malaria! legend Gudrun Gut, Einstürzende Neubauten man Alexander Hacke, The Birthday Party‘s Mick Harvey and Crime & The City Solution‘s Simon Bonney, as well as Berlin ace face Mark Reeder – manager, promoter, producer and uniform fetishist – whose antics attracted the attention of the East German secret police.

We’ve got tons of other great stuff elsewhere in the issue, including a piece on ‘STUMM 433’, a fantastic boxset of interpretations of John Cage’s ‘4’ 33″‘ on Mute, as well as interviews with Erland Cooper, Telex, Popul Vuh, Howard Jones, Ela Orleans, Leafcutter John, Barrie and Jan St Werner from Mouse On Mars. Plus, of course, our columnists Jack Dangers, Kris NeedsFat Roland and Synthesiser Dave, and a right royal feast of new album reviews. Be sure you don’t miss out!


Our latest mag+vinyl bundle seven-inch time travels from West Berlin in 1982 to the present day and then loops back around to 1979, all thanks to Gudrun Gut. Side A features the classic 1982 Malaria! underground hit ‘Your Turn To Run’, a sparse electronic call to arms from a band at the very heart of Berlin’s early 1980s scene. On the other side of the disc is Gudrun Gut’s recent solo rendition of David Bowie’s ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ from ‘Lodger’, the last of his Berlin Trilogy albums. Miss this one at your peril!