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210 x 280 mm / 100 page / soft touch cover

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Issue 51 Magazine & Vinyl Bundle

It’s 2019, it’s March, and that means it must be Brexit! Well, we think that’s supposed to be the plan anyway…

We’re marking this month with a brief history of some of the contributions our European chums have made to the exciting world of electronic music over the last 150 or so years, starting with the International Exposition of Electricity in Paris in 1881, where the attendees included German physicist Hermann Von Helmholtz, the inventor of the very first sound synthesiser.

Our continental jaunt also takes in other early instruments, including the Ondes Martenot and the Trautonium, the creation of electronic music studios like RTF in Paris, WDR in Cologne and Philips in Eindhoven, and the role of artists ranging from Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre to Daft Punk and Speedy J. It’s quite the trip.

You won’t need a passport or any kind of visa to visit the other areas of the magazine. Feel free to spend as much time as you like in the stimulating company of Matthew Herbert, The Young Gods, Snapped Ankles, ROC, Anni Hogan, Luke Abbott and more. You can also recreate the Trans-Europe Express train route from Paris to Düsseldorf. Via Vienna, of course. We can’t guarantee you’ll meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie, but do enjoy the late night café.


Limited Edition Seven-Inch Single: ‘Europe’ c/w ‘Paris Orly’ by Deux

Our latest seven-inch, in association with the ever-excellent Minimal Wave label, is a reissue of ‘Europe’ c/w ‘Paris Orly’ by the cult French duo Deux, provides a very beautiful and very fitting soundtrack to the new issue of Electronic Sound.

Cati Tete (vocals) and Gérard Pelletier (synthesisers) formed Deux in Lyon in 1983, releasing two singles before disappearing. They have briefly resurfaced a couple of times in the years since then, but Pelletier sadly died in 2013 at the age of 60. Deux’s ‘Europe’ c/w ‘Paris Orly’ single, which was first released in 1985, is one of the most collectable records of the early minimal wave scene.

Courtesy Minimal Wave