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Issue 47 Magazine & CD Bundle


Sat in your local Korova Milkbar trying to make up your rassoodocks what to do with the evening? Look no further. There’s some mighty fine reading to be had in the latest Electronic Sound. We have an amazing 15-track CD bundled up with this edition too.

Just like clockwork, it’s another month and another essential issue. Which is handy because this time we’re talking all things ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

Our cover feature includes a previously unpublished interview with reclusive electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos, who composed the soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick’s seminal work, and we talk to Heaven 17’s Martyn Ware about the influence the film had on him. We also have a comprehensive guide to Wendy Carlos’ sought-after back catalogue (or Bach catalogue if you prefer), much of which is pretty hard to source unless you know where to look for it.

You want more? Sure thing. We head to deepest Cornwall to spent some time with Benge at his must-see studio. As if you didn’t know, Benge is the electronic mastermind behind way too many of our favourite records, including the new John Grant and Blancmange albums. Warning: may include images of synths that will turn you green with envy. We visit the incredible Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin too and chat with Moritz Simon Geist, who has built himself a robotic orchestra to bang out some pretty delightful techno.

More still? Right you are. We tell the incredible story of the budget ‘Top Of The Pops’ cover version albums of the 1970s and mark the 50th anniversary of John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s ‘Two Virgins’. Bauhaus man Daniel Ash gives us the lowdown on the making of ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ and Barry Adamson reveals what makes him tick in our regular Under The Influence feature. Synthesiser Dave meanwhile has a classic ARP 2600 in his workshop and our columnists Jack Dangers and Fat Roland provide much food for thought.

But that’s not all. Not quite. Our front section delivers the findings from our recent office away-days at Synthfest in Sheffield and Festival Of Sound in London. Expect synth and hi-fi envy galore. There’s also our usual round-up of books, gadgets and other must-own goodies. And don’t forget our back section, packed to the rafters as ever with reviews of this month’s essential album releases.