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Issue 45

We are taking you to the outer limits with this month’s Electronic Sound. We’ve gone where no magazine has gone before to bring you the 50 Greatest Space Records, starting off in 1958 (the year that NASA began operations) and ending with a couple of corkers from 2018. Who’s on the list? A few of our old favourites of course – Kraftwerk, The Human League, Bowie, Eno, Tangerine Dream – but we have some surprises along the way too. Rat Scabies, for instance. Yes, that Rat Scabies, playing with a group who were signed to Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label, would you believe.

We’ve lots more space stuff in the issue, including a big interview with Orbital about their new album, ‘Monsters Exist’, which has a special guest appearance from Professor Brian Cox, and a great piece on the short-lived but thoroughly entertaining late 70s genre known as space disco. And talking of space disco, we tell the bizarre story of the French band Space and their legendary Magic Fly’ single too. Oh, and we have a few words from Buzz Aldrin. Yes, that Buzz Aldrin.

Back on solid ground, we mark the release of a fabulous 10-disc Soft Cell boxset with an equally fabulous interview with Dave Ball. As well as talking about this new collection, Dave gives us the lowdown on Soft Cell’s last ever live show, which takes place in London at the end of September, and reminisces about some of the highlights of the band’s career, including their first time on ‘Top Of The Pops’ and their first trip to New York. 

Elsewhere this month, we also chat to Tunng and Haiku Salut about their new albums, both of which we can’t recommend highly enough. Howie B reveals his creative influences, Daniel Davies chats about his work with John Carpenter, and we head back to the world of space disco for our Landmarks, which is Cerrone’s ’Supernature’.

More? Yes, we’ve got more. Check out our front section, where we pick our way through some of the latest tech, toys, books and the like, and wade knee-deep through our back section, which will point you in the direction of the latest must-hear album releases. With all this and probably even more still, the new Electronic Sound should keep you going for a while.