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This month’s cover star is the one and only GARY NUMAN, who has given us an extremely revealing interview, detailing his fears for the future as he talks candidly about his brilliant new album, a riot of anxiety and epic synth hooks. Are you ready for a world of baking hot deserts populated by marauding tribes of murderous religious zealots?

Elsewhere in the issue – and on a comparatively lighter note – we also talk to HANNAH PEEL, SPARKS, B-MOVIE, BARK PSYCHOSIS, TINY MAGNETIC PETS, ZOLA JESUS and BAXTER DURY. And if all that’s not enough for you, we report on THE KLF’s recent nutzoid gathering, get the inside story on MIKE OLDFIELD’s ‘Blue Peter’ reworking, and take a look at the iconic cover art of TREVOR KEY, the man responsible for record sleeves for the likes of New Order, Can and Peter Gabriel.

Plus there’s our regular columnists Synthesiser Dave, Jack Dangers and Fat Roland, not to mention a ton of album reviews in our Back Section, all the best new gear and toys in our Front Section, and so so so so much more.