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Magazine and Vinyl Bundle. Featuring special Collector’s Edition cover (different artwork to highstreet)

The single features Orbital’s amazing cover version of Kraftwerk’s ‘Numbers’ on one side, and on the flip is a ‘Wie Die Wind Weht’ by Düsseldorf electronic schlager legends Der Plan, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Unkapitulierbar’.

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Kraftwerk! Traditionally what happens is they announce a handful of shows at, say, the Tate Modern, and you spend all morning on the phone trying to get tickets, but somehow it sold out before you even picked up the phone and the ticketing system went down. And then they’re gone, on to the next prestigious international arts venue.

Kraftwerk’s June 2017 UK tour, however, is different. Yes, it’s sold out. Of course it’s sold out. But there are more dates in one go than they’ve played here since 1981. Us electronic music fans can bask in the cold neon glow of Kling Klang for most of June. Because this time you got tickets, right?

Sitting in Dolby’s European HQ in Soho Square the other day, watching the press screening of the new Kraftwerk 3D film, we were struck at how the Kraftwerk machine has been honed and perfected. With the insanely excellent sound system you’d expect in Dolby’s flagship gaff, the clarity of the sound of Kraftwerk is what really came across, more than the fun 3D graphics. The visuals border on the kitsch, but the sound is about as good as it’s possible to get.

Which is why we thought it would be an interesting exercise to scoot through the last 50 years of Kraftwerk’s live work to see how they evolved from improv hippies to Cybermen. You can’t remove the humour from Kraftwerk, so the slightly silly graphics flying around your head will distract you, but when you go to see them this month,

So it’s a bit of a Kraftwerk bonanza this month, but we’ve also found the time to talk to Orbital, who are very much back, and Der Plan from Düsseldorf, who are also back. We’ve put Orbital and Der Plan together on a special clear vinyl seven-inch, a kind of tribute to and from Düsseldorf, with Orbital covering Kraftwerk’s classic ‘Numbers’. 

Elsewhere this issue, there’s Fader, the new project from Blancmange’s Neil Arthur and John Foxx collaborator Benge, 4AD’s bright hope Pixx, Alison Moyet, Synthesiser Dave (fixing a Roland SH-2000), a ton of album reviews in our Back Section, all the best new gear and toys in our Front Section, Jack Dangers, Fat Roland, and so much more. Wunderbar!.

To celebrate Kraftwerk’s arrival in the UK for a three-week tour, we have created the exclusive limited edition ‘Greetings From Düsseldorf’ seven-inch single. This unique artefact is pressed on clear vinyl in very limited numbers and comes with a new piece of Electronic Sound’s trademark beautiful artwork. Packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, with internal paper sleeve and double sided artwork insert.