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Moroder was a synthesiser genius, coaxing the beautiful and ever-shifting sounds from his Moog modular to create the towering masterpiece of ‘I Feel Love’. It was Kraftwerk who later tipped their hat in his direction, on the pulsing ‘Metropolis’ track from the ‘The Man-Machine’ album.

When Giorgio Moroder says he’d like to talk to you, the best course of action is to sit back and listen. The colossus of European electronic music duly covers everything, from his early days with synthesisers to how Daft Punk placed him in the consciousness of millions of new listeners and how the art of the DJ sustains him.

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We also visit Düsseldorf in this issue, where we pay our respects at Kling Klang, admire Florian Schneider’s father’s architecture, and we meet his sister, all in an attempt to get a psycho-geographical perspective on this ultimately mysterious band. We chat to Moby about his new album and his relocation to LA, to Colin Newman of Wire about the re-release of his solo albums, and to Kurt Wagner of Lambchop about his latest album which is a masterclass in the use of new sounds and textures. Mark Stewart of spectacularly resurrected agit-dub-punk-noise legends The Pop Group shares with us his faith in technology and sci-fi futures, while Baltic Fleet discusses Paul McCartney and 808 State. See if you can spot the mentions of Raquel Welsh, Dean Martin, Led Zeppelin, Freddie Mercury, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie along the way, and you might agree that it’s a dizzying mix this month.

And finally, if you’ll indulge us for just a moment, we are very excited to be able to start unveiling some news about Electronic Sound itself which should see our year ending in a suitably thrilling manner. We will soon be able to offer our beloved readers (that’s you) the opportunity to get involved more deeply with the magazine. Do check out our message on page 24 to find out more, and we very much look forward to hearing from you as we move forward and beam ourselves into the future.