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100 pages featuring Yello, Gary Numan, Silver Apples, Wrangler, Chicory Tip, Warpaint, Factory Floor, the best new technology, a bumper album reviews section, and so much more.

FREE CD: ‘Electronic Sound Covers Collection Volume.02’

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Yello make their almighty return this month with a new album and they’ve a couple of live dates lined up for October. Which will be the first time they’ve ever played live. Boris and Dieter are both on fine form, as you’ll soon discover.


We had a chat with Wrangler, which is always free-wheeling when Mal, Benge and Phil are sat in front of our tape recorder. Warpaint were in the UK over the summer for their first live show in a while, so we took the chance to find out what makes LA’s finest band tick, there’s also rather lovely pieces with Silver Apples and Sam Coomes, who you will know from Quasi.


Elsewhere, we pay a visit the sound archive at The British Library for a guided behind the scenes tour of their vast collection and a chat about their new multi-million pound Save Our Sounds project. Do you know what a shelf that holds 10,000 vinyl LPs looks like? We do now.

We take a peek behind the scenes of a new film about Gary Numan and his family. ‘Android In LaLa Land’ is out later this month and it’s a bit of a treat.


Our jam-packed reviews section includes albums from the likes of Jenny Hval, Hannah Peel, Factory Floor, Momus, Mike & Rich, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Pye Corner Audio, Jon Hopkins and many more…

All of that, plus the Electronic Sound Covers Collection Volume.02 CD!