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THE TOP 100 ELECTRONIC TRACKS OF ALL TIME, The Flaming Lips, Richard H Kirk, Tom Furse, 808 State, Bayonne, the best new tech and toys, a bumper album reviews section, and so much more.

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THE FLAMING LIPS. We talked to Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd about their new album, which takes the idea of Oczy Mlody, a sci-fi drug that fuels decadent psychosexual parties, as its jumping off point. Deep electronics underpin the whole thing, and it reminds us of the strange place ‘A Clockwork Orange’ occupies in the world of electronic music, not just because of Wendy Carlos’ soundtrack, but the film’s entire aesthetic, the brutal architecture, the sour psychedelia, the sense of menace and state oppression. It all seems rather apposite in these curious times we’re living though.

Top 100 Electronic Tracks Of All Time feature. As we’d all expect, the list includes a couple by Cabaret Voltaire… and by some kind of crazy coincidence, Richard H Kirk has just seen a couple of huge boxset collections of his solo work released, he talks Sheffield, Europe, Kraftwerk and Eno. Elsewhere, The Horrors keyboard player Tom Furse chats about his new album made solely with Teenage Engineering’s cute OP-1 synth and we meet Texan electronicist Bayonne who reveals the emotional agenda that drives his creative life.

Don’t forget our album section has plenty of recommendations for your musical adventures this month, and of course, there’s the delights you’ll find at the front of the magazine, including chats with Graham Massey about the making of 808 State’s ‘Pacific State’ and legendary producer Dave Allen and the founding of Martin Rushent’s Genetic Studio where The Human League recorded ‘Dare’.

There’s more, of course, there’s always more. So much music, so little time… pass the Oczy Mlody, o my droog.