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Delia Derbyshire / Brian Hodgson / David Vorhaus
(Silva Screen)
180g vinyl, remastered, foil blocked sleeve

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Following the commercial flop of White Noise’s ‘An Electric Storm’, ‘Electronic’ was the second album released by the trio of Delia Derbyshire, David Vorhaus and Brian Hodgson in 1969. With Derbyshire credited as Li De La Russe and Hodgson as Nikki St George, ‘Electronic’ was produced for the music library imprint Standard Music and was intended as a tool for television producers to plunder for themes and incidental sounds. A chunk of it wound up on the Thames TV children’s classic ‘The Tomorrow People’, which started airing in 1973, thus ensuring yet more young minds would be filled with the experimental compositions of Delia Derbyshire and her compadres.