Dream Division – ‘Escape From Planet Sauvage’ (Polytechnic Youth black vinyl seven-inch EP)

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Seven-inch EP

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Dream Division is London synthesist Tom McDowell and this four-track seven-inch EP could be viewed as a kind of sequel to the soundtrack of the 1973 French/Czech cult animation film ‘La Planète Sauvage’, which featured a race of blue aliens called Draags who keep human-like creatures called Oms (hommes – geddit?) as pets. McDowell says his influences here were the spacey electronic sounds of Daft Punk, Air, Giorgio Moroder and Heldon, the cult 1970s French electro-rock outfit led by Richard Pinhas, but we reckon he’s also channeling John Carpenter like he’s nicked his SH-101. ‘Escape from Planet Sauvage’ is on Polytechnic Youth and is a limited edition of just 300 copies, so grab yours right away.