Dave Bessell – ‘Reality Engine’ (DiN CD)

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Dave Bessell is a familiar name to followers of DiN Records for his 2015 album ’Black Horses Of The Sun’ and his two collaborations with Parallel Worlds, as well as being a founder member of the synth supergroup Node. ‘Reality Engine’ finds Bessell indulging his passion for literature in compositions inspired by the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, Lord Dunsany and the Brothers Grimm, the tracks coloured with a strong flavour of magic realism. Sonically, the album draws on a variety of influences, from classical to psybient, taking in innovative analogue modular sound design and expansive and evolving musical journeys along the way. Bessell often uses unusual instrumentation alongside his synths, in this instance employing a beautiful Aum guitar to stunning effect. Full of atmospheric moods and distinctive melodies, ‘Reality Engine’ contains a wealth of detail that repays repeated listenings.