The Radiophonic Workshop ‘BBC Radiophonic Music’ (The Pink Album) Vinyl LP


BBC Radiophonic Workshop
BBC Radiophonic Music
Limited Edition, grey vinyl
(Silva Screen)

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This is the first Radiophonic Workshop album, originally released in 1968 to showcase the work of Delia Derbyshire, David Cain and John Baker, and reissued here on grey vinyl. We’re in the Workshop’s pre-synthesiser era, when this trio of visionary sonic manipulators used tape loops and musique concrète techniques merged with their classical sensibilities, unpredictable test oscillators and hand-built filters to create thrilling new soundscapes for a modern era. Every track is an exemplar of tight tape editing. John Baker’s blipping ‘Tomorrow’s World’ (no, not that one), and brief blasts like ‘Time And Tune’ and ‘Reading Your Letters’ sit alongside Delia Derbyshire’s longer masterpieces ‘Blue Veils And Golden Sands’ and ‘The Delian Mode’. This is ruler-boinging and lampshade-bashing at its best.