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White Noise
An Electric Storm In Hell

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‘An Electric Storm’ is the first White Noise album, remastered for this CD version and capturing the heady days of the alternative currents of late 1960s with dark witchery and gleeful strangeness throughout. Delia Derbyshire, David Vorhaus and Brian Hodgson are on fire here, especially on the likes of ‘Here Come The Fleas’, a breathtaking barrage of tape manipulated sound that just never gives up, like the peculiar tape effect segments of Pink Floyd’s ‘See Emily Play’ taken to a giddy extreme. The orgy noises of ‘My Game Of Loving’ were recordings made at an actual sex-a-thon, while the lovely ‘Firebird’ was written by Derbyshire on her spinet. The light whimsy of the first few pieces is eventually overwhelmed by the fearsome horror of ‘Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell’, the last track on the album, which was recorded in a single night. A classic time capsule of experimental electronic music.