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Limited Edition Factory Records Double Seven-Inch: ‘A Factory Assembly’

The new issue of Electronic Sound is a Factory Records special and our latest vinyl release is ‘A Factory Assembly’, a double seven-inch featuring tracks from A Certain Ratio, The Durutti Column, Minny Pops and Section 25. ‘A Factory Assembly’ is issued in a gatefold sleeve and is a tribute to ‘A Factory Sampler’, the double seven-inch that launched the Factory label at the beginning of 1979.

The full track listing is:

A Certain Ratio – ‘Knife Slits Water’ (1982)

The Durutti Column – ‘Lips That Would Kiss’ (1980)

Minny Pops – ‘Dolphin’s Spurt’ (1981)

Section 25 – ‘Knew Noise’ (1980)