Edgar Froese RIP

Edgar Froese, the electronic music pioneer at the heart of Tangerine Dream, died ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’ in Austria on Tuesday. The announcement, made today via the band’s Facebook Page, reads:

Dear Friends,

This is a message to you we are very sorry for…

On January 20th, Tuesday afternoon, Edgar Froese suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from the effects of a pulmonary embolism in Vienna.

The sadness in our hearts is immensely.

Edgar once said: “There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address.”

Edgar, this is a little comfort to us.


Edgar Froese was a pivotal figure in the so-called Berlin School of Electronic Music, as opposed to the Dusseldorf axis which produced Kraftwerk. The Zodiak Free Arts Lab hosted many early Froese experiments, often with Conrad Schnitzler and Klaus Schultze, whose first album together as Tangerine Dream in 1970 set in motion three distinct streams of important electronic music when each member went their own way. Often dubbed ‘The Tangs’ by the ever-hip UK music press, their breakthrough album was 1973’s ‘Atem’ which was given the accolade of ‘Album of the Year’ by John Peel.

The band remained active and prolific with Froese at the helm, their latest album ‘Chandra – The Phantom Ferry Part II’ was released in June 2014, and it was announced towards the end of last year that Ulrich Schnauss had been recruited into the band, a move which could have been rejuvenating for Tangerine Dream and thrilling for fans of electronic music.