The Electronic Sound ‘Lab’

We’ve had an idea…

Our readers are an intelligent and creative bunch, so we thought we’d invite you all to send us your creations. We have a new playlist on our YouTube channel, and we’d love to present your videos to the world and our subscribers. Videos, animations, experiments, or whatever you can think of. Send an email to if you want to get involved.

Here is our first Lab video, from Mark Hall (who’s actually the Art Editor here at Electronic Sound HQ). This is from a university project of his called ‘Duplication’.

“A silicone mold is made from a vinyl record, then cast using a two-part polyurethane resin. The result is perfectly playable, any imperfection is barely noticeable… But, what if this copy is copied? And then that copy is copied? The project goes on to create 10 records, each a copy of the last. The imperfections grow exponentially, carried over from their predecessor and exaggerated through the moulding process. The end result is warped not only beyond playability, but barely recognisable as a record.” – Mark Hall

Music: Coldcut – ‘Eine Kleine Hedmusik’
Record sample: The Winstons – ‘Amen Brother’