Tangerine Dream Documentary

Full length film due in autumn


Tangerine Dream fans might want to head over to Kickstarter and take a look at the project to produce a documentary about the band. Edgar Froese’s widow Biance Froese-Acquaye is a co-producer, as well as former band members. The film was already underway when Edgar Froese died last year.

“During the production of this movie, founding member, Edgar Froese sadly passed away,” say the filmmakers. “Because of his unexpected death our perspective on Tangerine Dream did change decisively. From that moment on we didn’t just want to cherish the band’s career, we also wanted to portray Froese’s lifework and keep the bands and its founders legacy. In order to meet our new goals properly, we have to change from a short to a feature-length-documentary.”

The details of the Kickstarter project, which goes live in May, are here: