Synth Wave Live is a one-day ’boutique’ festival (indoors, proper toilets, all that good stuff) featuring some of the finest underground electronic acts from the UK and beyond. It all kicks off on April 1st at the Zigfrid Von Underbelly in Hoxton, London at 2pm.

Headlined by NINA (above) whose track ‘My Mistake’ was used on a worldwide Mercedes TV ad last year, the full line-up includes Softwave, Neon Lines, Steven Jones & Logan Sky, Mechanical Cabaret, The Department, Tiny Magnetic Pets, Battery Operated Orchestra, Sol Flare, Nature Of Wires, Brutalist Architecture In The Sun, with Wall of Sound/Back To The Phuture DJ Mark Jones starting his three-hour DJ set at midnight.

Check out this two-minute audio promo with snippets of all the acts.

The festival has been put together to celebrate the first anniversary of the popular online radio station Artefaktor and tickets are available here: and there’s a stack more information on all the artists and updates over the event’s Facebook page.