Sun Rose and L-Space in remix swap shop

Innovative Scottish label and ES office favourite, Last Night From Glasgow, are introducing two of their latest signings Sun Rose and L-Space by showing off their remixing skills, with each artist tinkering with a track from the other.

So who are Sun Rose? Over to LNFG… “Rising from the ashes of much lauded Glasgow outfit Nevada Base, Sun Rose are inspired by the likes of Talking Heads, Daft Punk, ESG and Kraftwerk, evoking memories of The Beloved and the early 90s Creation dance scene, they are well and truly in the here and now.”

Their debut album ‘The Essential Luxury’, is out at end of next week, and is reviewed in issue 35 of Electronic Sound. And what about L-Space? “L-Space take a wide-eyed look at the future with their unique, noisy, electro pop,” say LNFG. “The grooving basslines mingle with dreamy guitar and retrofuturistic synths, setting the stage for Lily’s ethereal vocals to complete the songs. What L-space do so well is carve their uniqueness into your brain, leaving them with little to no competition”

How exactly did these remixes come about?

“Now that we are both on Last Night From Glasgow it felt like it might be fun to redox each other tracks especially as we are playing together at the Sun Rose album launch.”

L-Space will support Sun Rose at their album launch on 17 November. ‘Space Junk (Sun Rose’s Kessler Syndrome Remix)’ and ‘Minima (L-space Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Remix)’ will be released digitally soon via Last Night From Glasgow.

Listen to the two remixes below:

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