Show Your Tech Idea in Sweden

Electronic Sound is working with the excellent Music Tech Fest, and they have a call out for people with interesting ideas they’d like to present at the upcoming Swedish event (there are more across the globe later in the year).

So if you have an interesting idea you’d like to be considered, you can go to the website and submit it and you might find yourself on your way to Umeå on May 29th. Here’s the submission page:

Check out some highlights from 2013 to get an idea of the sort of activity they are looking for.

And here’s Music Tech Fest’s press release

Music Tech Fest is the free, global Festival of Music Ideas. At the festival, we showcase the best in arts, performance, research, technological development and experimentation from across all sectors. It’s an experimental, improvisational space that encourages collaboration and participation.

Music Tech Fest Scandinavia (#MTFScandi) takes place in the city of Umeå, Sweden on May 29-31, 2015.

This open call for submissions invites you to submit your project, performance, installation, demo or invention for inclusion at the festival. All projects showcased on the main stage are filmed, live streamed online and made available as a YouTube video to share and disseminate through our social channels, yours and those of the MTF Community.

We welcome submissions of music tech performance, installations, concepts and prototypes. The project can be at any demonstrable stage of development and need not be a completed product or full showcase of an arts piece. We are interested in exchanging and showcasing ideas.


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