Polly Scattergood cover of ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’… No, really


Electronic sound favourite Polly Scattergood has teamed up with theremin maestro Bruce Woolley and his Radio Science Orchestra to cover The Buggles’ stone-cold 80s classic ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’.

The extraordinary version of Trevor Horn’s 1980 Number One hit single, released today on Gramaphone Records, comes close to being uptempo at points, which will be something of a surprise for Scattergood fans. Bruce says: “Polly is often described as ethereal, dark, intense and experimental, while her musical style has been described as “early 21st century electro-dance-pop of London proper”. We simply couldn’t think of anyone better to breathe fresh life into this classic song.”

See for yourself below…

The original track was written by Bruce Woolley, Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes and is famous for being the first video shown on MTV when it launched in 1981. The new video features cameo appearances from Thomas Dolby and The Retronaut’s Wolfgang Wild, as well as animations by video artist Louise Bellairs.