Petition started to reinstate red phone box that inspired OMD song ‘Red Frame/White Light’

A petition has been started to reinstate the red phone box that inspired the OMD song ‘Red Frame/White Light’. The phone box, which is the subject of the 1980 track, was used by the band to make calls and organise their gigs in the late 70s. Fans of the group would ring the number (“632 3003” as sang in the song) in the hope that either Andy or Paul would answer, with the box becoming a popular destination for OMD fans across the world.

The phone box was recently removed by BT, without an objection from Wirral Council. A petition has been started to reinstall the famous box, with Andy McCluskey himself even getting involved.

Speaking to the Wirral Globe, McCluskey said that while he understood the economics behind getting rid of the phone box, he was sad to see it go.

“It’s interesting because I believe Wirral Council wants to portray the borough as a cultural destination,” he said. “When OMD fans had a gathering they visited this very phone box, and when the council got wind of this they went and spruced it up with a lick of paint but now they are happy to see it go.

“I would like to try and track the box down and buy it. I’d either donate it back to the fans or if I can’t do that have it in my garden.”

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Watch the video for ‘Red Frame/White Light’ below: