Listen to Osymyso’s remix of Charlotte Hatherley’s ‘Hook You Up’

Musician and DJ Osymyso has given Charlotte Hatherley the remix treatment with his ‘Fook You Up’ mix of her song ‘Hook You Up’.

‘Hook You Up’ is taken from her new album ‘True Love’, which you can read a review of in Issue 42 of Electronic Sound (spoilers: we were rather fond of it).

“I absolutely loved musician and DJ Osymyso’s most recent work as concept sampler on Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’,” explains Hatherley, “and asked him to put my song ‘Hook You Up’ through his fucked up filter. I wanted it to sound like a message being transmitted from another world, a distant planet. Heartbreak crackling on the extremities of shortwave radio.”

‘True Love’ is out now Sylver Tongue.