Listen to the new Gazelle Twin single ‘Hobby Horse’

Gazelle Twin has announced her new single ‘Hobby Horse’, which you can listen to now on her YouTube channel.

Taken from her upcoming album ‘Pastoral’, ‘Hobby Horse’ sees Gazelle Twin aka Elizabeth Bernholz donning a new look, clad in red and white as a “post-pagan hooligan”.

‘Hobby Horse’ will be released on 22 June ahead of a live premiere of ‘Pastoral’ at Birmingham’s Supersonic festival on 23 June.

On her new record, Bernholz explains, “‘Pastoral’ is an album that juggles British identities. A musing on how a sordid past becomes ‘quaint’… and that there is horror in every Idyll.”

‘Hobby Horse’ will be released on 22 June via Anti-Ghost Moon Ray.