Kraftwerk Documentary from 1981

It’s Friday, so it must be Kraftwerk documentary time, right? This one was made in Germany in 1981 about their local heroes who at the time had just released ‘Computer World’. The visual quality is a bit ropey, which is to be expected from the 10th generation VHS bootleg. But the sound is pretty good, and the interview with Ralf Hütter, clips of which we’ve seen before over the years, is here in its entirety – with subtitles. It’s also the source for almost all the footage of Kling Klang on stage we’ve ever seen and the audio is pretty good.

“Do you feel isolated?” the interviewer asks at one point. “Yes,” Ralf shoots back, “we feel we live in exile in Düsseldorf Am Rhein.” And when he’s asked if one day electricity will run through human beings’ veins, he replies that electricity already exists inside people. “You can’t separate humans from machines,” he says.

Here’s the video. It will be twenty minutes well spent.




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