Johnny Jewel releases surprise LP ‘Themes For Television’

Chromatics member Johnny Jewel has released a surprise album, ‘Themes For Television’, which is available to stream in full.

The album coincides with the one year anniversary of ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’, David Lynch’s supernatural crime drama that returned to our screens after a 26-year hiatus. The two-part premiere closed with Chromatics performing at the show’s dingy bar The Roadhouse, with Jewel contributing his own piece ‘Windswept’ alongside Angelo Badalamenti’s haunting score.

“I was about a year deep into recording what would become ‘Windswept’ when I heard that David was making Season Three,” he explains. “It’s been a year since Chromatics performed at the Roadhouse. With disintegrated memory through the haze of television snow, I wanted to share a glimpse behind the red curtain.”

‘Themes For Television’ was formed from Jewel’s own vision of what ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ might be, with the 21 tracks here condensed from the six hours of material Jewel produced. “The project began as a sonic exploration of the sounds I was hearing in my nightmares,” he says. “I wanted to find my way out of the maze by focusing on beauty over fear — like the way the fractured sunrise looks in a dream.”

Stream ‘Themes For Television’ below:

‘Themes For Television’ will be released physically on 29 June via Italians Do It Better.