ES Tapes: Issue 65

Issue 65 may have sold out faster than you can say ‘A History of Electronic Music in 75 Records’, but even if you missed out this time, you still have a chance to get in on the fun.

From Miklós Rózsato to Anna Meredith (and everything in between), we’ve compiled a playlist that takes you through the picks, one song at a time. Just one record is missing from this list due to it not being on Spotify – Beaver & Krause’s ‘The Nonesuch Guide To Electronic Music’.

The selections are best summed up by Push, editor of Electronic Sound, in his introduction:

‘The records here are not necessarily the best or the most important electronic releases ever, although some of them meet both of those criteria. They’re stepping stones to take us from 1945 to 2020, places to stop for a while and ponder the different directions electronic music has taken over the decades, and we could almost certainly have told a similar story with 75 totally different records.’

Whether you want to give us a pat on the back, or whether you want to stick a bounty on our heads, we hope you enjoy listening.