Fundraiser started to restore Cabaret Voltaire soundtracked film ‘Recoil’

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to restore a Cabaret Voltaire soundtracked film ‘Recoil’. The 1981 short film was made by Nik Allday, the drummer on Cabaret Voltaire’s critically acclaimed third album ‘Red Mecca’, and features music by Allday and the Cabs’ Stephen Mallinder.

The 10 minute abstract film uses raw material of video feedback and some nuclear bomb footage to represent “the cruel chaotic dysfunctional nature of the human condition with all its potential for self destruction”. Allday wanted a soundtrack that complemented the film thematically and approached Mallinder to see if he’d be interested in creating the audio.

With only one serviceable copy of ‘Recoil’ in existence, the goal of the fundraiser is to restore and digitally convert the film to preserve it and make it available to a wider audience.

Donating £10 will get you a professionally proofed DVD “on request”, £20 will get you a signed copy by Nick Allday and £50 will nab you a credit on the remastered version as a contributor. There’s also a copy of ‘Red Mecca’ signed by Allday up for grabs, the winner of which will be randomly selected “from all interested contributors (weighted by donation amount)”.

For more information about the film, go to