Electronic Sound’s Albums Of The Year

We chose 30 albums that stood out this year, and put them in order!

1. Blanck Mass ‘Dumb Flesh’ (Sacred Bones)
“Breathtaking at times, both in terms of its conceptual ambition as well as in its fully realised musical intensity, it’s certainly no piece for the cocktail hour.” Carl Griffin, June 2015

2. Floating Points ‘Elaenia’ (Pluto)
“Records like this that cover so much ground in such an effortlessly causal manner don’t come along very often… what he could be capable of will be worth waiting for.” Mat Smith, November 2015

3. Holly Herndon ‘Platform’ (4AD)
“‘Platform’ is that rare beast: a shape shifting and adventurous record, complex and strange, but intoxicating and accessible – a genuinely rapturous and inventive take on the electronic genre.”
Velimir Ilich, June 2015

4. Steve Cobby ‘Everliving’ (Declasse)
“This isn’t about disco dancing or floor-filling, although in parts ‘Everliving’ could easily do both, this is about the intricate, skilled fights of one of our most gifted composers and it deserves your undivided ear time.” Neil Mason, July 2105

5. Helena Hauff ‘Discreet Desires’ (Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune)
“Helena Hauff doesn’t so much play her array of analogue synths but coaxes, gouges and strokes them into venting sounds of a depth and resonance rarely found in today’s shiny electronic strata.” Kris Needs, September 2015

6. Lilies On Mars ∆GO (Lady Sometime)
“Thanks to its imperfections and curious, mysterious angles it feels like something much more enduring, increasingly revealing itself and its intricacies with each successive listen.” Mat Smith, December 2015

7. Wolfgang Flur ‘Eloquence – Complete Works’ (Cherry Red)
“ The album, then, might be best understood as a series of short stories, some true, some fiction, some in between, spun by an itinerant ex-robot on the hoof.” Mark Roland, November 2016

8. Roots Manuva ‘Bleeds’ (Ninja Tune)
“‘Bleeds’ is just one show-stopper after another after another. All these years down the line and Roots Manuva is still waiting for everyone else to catch up.” Neil Mason, November 2015

9. Carter Tutti Void ‘f (x)’ (Industrial)
“No-one else sounds like this and couldn’t if they tried. This sublimely evocative work comes as a welcome furnace blast as three true originals run riot.” Kris Needs, September 2015

10. Blancmange ‘Semi Detatched’ (Cherry Red)
“Once you reach the end it is really, really hard to stop yourself immediately starting from the beginning again. But give in to that temptation, it’ll sound even deeper, even darker, and even more fun every time.” Rosie Morgan, April 2015

11. GNOD ‘Infinity Machines’ (Rocket)
“This isn’t a record that looks back, it’s one that pushes forwards. The more people we have like this, turning out music that is inventive, challenging, bewildering and thrilling in equal measure, the richer our world becomes.” Neil Mason, June 2015

12. Jaga Jazzist ‘Starfire’ (Ninja Tune)
The trick with Jaga Jazzist is their capacity to unearth a credible narrative out of chaos, deploying a sense of musical adventure that confirms fusion isn’t such a bad thing after all.” Mat Smith, July 2015

13. John Foxx ‘London Overgrown’ (Metamatic)
“Listening to this, preferably while drifting off to sleep in darkness with the window open, the tendrils of his plangent synth strings slowly spiralling their way into your sub consciousness, such dreams feel almost close enough to touch.” Jools Stone, October 2015

14. Portico ‘Living Fields’ (Ninja Tune)
“Welcome to a light-night haze of haunted 4am cab rides and untethered emotions. Welcome to a melancholic world dappled with moments of euphoria. Welcome to one of the finest records of the year.” Anthony Thornton, May 2015

15. New Order ‘Music Complete’ (Mute)
“This is proper, PROPER New Order, sounding like the big brother of ‘Technique’. Enough said?” Neil Mason, October 2015

Best of the rest…
16. East India Youth ‘Culture Of Volume’ (XL)
17. Aphrohead ‘Resurrection’ (Crosstown Rebels)
18. Yacht ‘I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler’ (Downtown)
19. Grasscut – ‘Everyone Was A Bird’ (Lo Recordings)
20. Barbara Morgenstern ‘Doppelstern’ (Monika Enterprise)
21. Various Artists ‘In A Moment… Ghost Box’ (Ghost Box)
22. Lonelady ‘Hinterland’ (Warp)
23. Mueran Humanos ‘Miseress’ (ATP)
24. Shitwife ‘Big Lad’ (Sapien Records)
25. Gwenno ‘Y Dydd Olaf’ (Heavenly)
26. John Grant ‘Grey Tickles, Black Pressure’ (Bella Union)
27. ESB ‘ESB’ (Bureau B)
28. Gunship ‘Gunship’ (INgrooves)
29. Prequel Tapes ‘Inner Systems’ (R’COUP’D)
30. Rodney Cromwell ‘Age Of Anxiety’ (Happy Robot)