“They’re probably the most successful British group to combine German-style electronics with a fairly commercial form of melody. Many people see them as the inspiration – shall we say politely – for the recent success of Gary Numan…”

Check out this early footage of The Human League playing ‘Empire State Human’ on the British TV show Mainstream, with Numan getting a snide swipe from bushy haired presenter Andy Batten-Foster in the introduction.

In celebration of our Made In Sheffield 1973 – 1981 edition, below are two more Sheffield highlights from the era. Read all about it, with extensive contributions from the people who forged the sound of Sheffield including essays from Stephen Mallinder (ex-Cabaret Voltaire) and I Monster’s Dean Honer, with illuminating input from Philip Oakey, Martyn Ware, Richard H Kirk, Adi Newton of Clock DVA and Mark White and Steven Singleton of Vice Versa and ABC.

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It includes a seven-inch single featuring exclusive tracks from ex-Cabaret Voltaire man Stephen Mallinder and I Monster, and comes with a download code for a thirteen track album of early Sheffield rarities.

Here’s Cabaret Voltaire performing ‘Voice Of America’ on TV:

And here’s Vice Versa playing at the legendary Futurama 2 Festival in Leeds in 1980: